Saturday, January 1, 2011


Welcome to our new Dogs of the ARL blog.  You will be able to tell the world how one of our dogs did on a sleepover at your home, something new you learned about them during a walk, progress they're making in training class, or just how wonderful they are.  If you're a blog follower and don't have direct contact with one of our dogs, please feel free to check back often and share with others what you've read.

I look forward reading all about your adventures with the dogs that steal our hearts every day...the Dogs of the ARL.


  1. Thank you Patty for creating this blog!! Today Lady and Liam did some side by side walking in the yard and they sat sort of close (enough to each receive a well deserved treat!) and Gayle took Liam out for a much needed romp!

  2. Great job on the blog, Patty! I've really enjoyed learning more about some of the wonderful dogs you have there and look forward to future stories and information about the ARL - thanks!