Thursday, January 13, 2011

Goddess of the ARL


So maybe she's not a goddess, but I think she's pretty special.  After hearing my story of how I first met Athena, one would understand how easily it was to feel connected to her.

She arrived at the shelter with four 4 day old puppies.  I was told by her "owners" that seven of the pups had already died.  Instantly I felt very sad for Athena.  She was a young mom who tried hard to take care of her babies.  Each day at the shelter her pups died one by one.  She was so attentive to them and seemed to know that the number of pups was getting smaller and smaller.  We were able to get Athena and her last puppy into a fabulous foster home.  Her last puppy was thriving, she was plump and beginning to move around and opened her eyes, but sadly, she too crossed the rainbow bridge.

Why?  We asked ourselves over and over.  Some of the pups may have been unintentionally injured when Athena tried to move them from place to place, but for the most part we feel the death of her pups stems back to improper prenatal nutrition. 

So I ask you, wouldn't you too be instantly bonded to this young lady?

She happily spent the holidays with her foster family, but is now ready to move on to her new home where even more people can fall in love with her.  She has lived with children, small dogs, and cats...what more could you ask for? 

                                     Taking a snooze.                       
                                                                                            Looking out the window.


  1. My family met and played with Athena a lot since we're greaat friends with her foster family.
    She loved playing with our dog Bunka (a/k/a her boyfriend) quite a bit. She is a sweet, loving, wonderful companion dog. She is the perfect family dog and I'm surprised that she hasn't been adopted already!

  2. Athena went into "foster-to-adopt" today! Athena is an awesome dog and should do very well. Go Athena!!