Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Aurora is one of those dogs that everyone passes by.  Why?  Because she’s dark colored and doesn’t catch anyone’s attention.  But if someone would spend a little time with her and get to know how sweet she is, they would truly be happily surprised.  I know I was.   I am ashamed to say, that other than her basic care, I didn’t really notice her much myself.  Then, one day, she and I had a little chat, than she spent some time behind the front desk “helping” greet customers.  I was very impressed at how she handled herself.  Yes, she was a little excited and hopped in one of the chairs and began a little computer work.  But once I explained the front desk rules to her, she settled on her blanket, gnawed on a bone and played with her toys.  Very fast learner, indeed.
I love belly rubs

When she arrived at the shelter, she had just weaned 17 puppies.  Yes, you read it correctly, 17!  She was completely depleted of nutrients, her skin was dry, and her coat was a dull mess.  She just looked plain exhausted.  Thank goodness she came to the ARL and is now spayed.  Halleluiah!  No more puppies.
She’s feeling better now and would like to be given the chance to be part of a real family.  A family that will treat her with the love and respect she’s been looking for….any maybe a family that will teach her to use a keyboard.
Look at those soft eyes

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