Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Snickers is a 7 year old chocolate lab who came to us with a severe case of Heartworm disease.  She began her treatment a month ago, but her body is having a very difficult time with it.  This disease is deadly if not treated and, unfortunately, the treatment can be lethal as well.  Our awesome vets have consulted with one another and have decided to take a very slow approach to make sure she makes it through.  Snickers is comfortable and happy in a loving foster home.  She has already become a member of their family and they're planning on keeping her forever.  Isn't that great news?!  Please send Snickers your positive thoughts and prayers. 

Pass this on to every pet owner you know:   Have your pets tested yearly and keep up on their monthly preventative.  Trust me, you do not want your dog to go through this.


  1. Her Foster parents are fantastic! Sending some healing Zen her way :)

  2. Best wishes to Snickers for a full recovery! I'm sure she'll do well with so many caring people in her life!