Monday, January 10, 2011

The Blossoming Roxie

Roxie is a sweet, small gal that I am so proud of.  She first arrived at the shelter very frightened and untrusting.  After a few minutes of soft talk, she crawled into my lap and licked my could you not fall in love?  She continued to growl at most people, especially men; but over time she began to trust the staff and volunteers.  The awesome ARL dog walkers were very patient with Roxie and let her warm up slowly, now everyone, including men are able to take her on walks and visit with her in her kennel.  She's much happier now.  In the beginning, dogs also proved to be an issue for this petite girl, but she is showing some signs of improvement and I think she may actually enjoy having a canine companion some day.  This is something we'll keep working on in hopes we can make her life even better.  Now we need to find a family that is willing to give her a chance.  A family that is patient and loving and has some dog experience.  We have one staff member that has been taking Roxie car rides and outings and truly has a soft spot in her heart for this beauty.  Roxie will make someone very happy if they choose to take her into their home.


  1. How much does Roxie weigh, now? And has she been cat tested?

  2. I believe Roxie lived with cats in the past, but since there is no real cat type test available, we would recommend a very slow introduction.

    I also like to remind people that even if a dog lived with cats in the past, new cats in a new home will be very interesting and we cannot guarentee love at first sight.

    Roxie weighs in a approximately 40lbs. She's a petite little lady.

  3. Roxie has been adopted! She went home with two other dogs and a very dog savvy woman who is very into training her dogs well. Just what little Roxie needs, some structure.