Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Work in Progress

A work in progress...that is how I would describe Cha Cha.  She certainly has a lot to offer and she is making great strides in her behavior.  After spending some time with Cha Cha, it’s obvious that her former owner did no training with her; then, once she “grew up,” they decided she was too much to handle (thus, she came to us as a stray).  If only they had the brains and foresight to start her training at an early age, they would have seen that she was smart, food motivated, and very interested in learning.  Kudos must go out to Cha Cha’s Mutt Mentor at the ARL.  Not only is Cha Cha improving on leash walking, but she can also sit and shake on command.  Down is coming along pretty well and she is just beginning to learn stay.  In the play yard, the old Cha Cha appears on occasion and it sometimes takes a couple seconds to gain her focus once again, but when you do, she’s back to doing perfect sits and hoping you’ll reward her with praise and a yummy treat. 

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