Monday, February 14, 2011

Heavenly Hound

What is it about hound dogs that makes my heart go pitter patter?  The big, floppy ears?   The soulful brown eyes?   Or is it their happy go luck, the glass is half full outlook on life?  Maybe it's all of the above.

The newest hound at the shelter is Denali.  He's one of those dogs that catches everyone's eye, even the "small dog" people that often stop by.  His velvety ears are as soft as a baby's blanket and he probably wouldn't mind standing in for a missing blankie if a child in his new home needed him to.

I recently took Denali on a field trip to do a little car shopping.  He was great in the car and a true gentleman with new people; in fact, he acted as if everyone he met was a old friend.

Wouldn't he look handsome IN the Lotus?

I was very impressed, as were the sales people, at all the commands Denali knew.  Denali came into the shelter as a stray and I am very surprised no one came looking for him.  He really is a charming guy.  The family that Denali chooses to live with, will be very lucky indeed.

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