Wednesday, April 13, 2011


You've heard people say that 40 is the new 20.  Well so goes the same for this spunky little girl, Babe.  She's 12 years old, but has the energy of a 6 year old.  If she were human, you'd find her at a singles dance doing the electric slide or in aerobics class showing up the younger gals.

This is my Muppet look.

Yes, she may some age-related conditions like cataracts and difficulty hearing, but who doesn't.  Babe recently had a dental cleaning and had most of her teeth removed, but she's very food motivated and could learn the rules of her new home in a heartbeat.

I'm really in the mood for a snack.

Babe had the same family most of her life, but when the grandchildren came to visit, she was too overwhelmed by their exuberance and found it too difficult to handle.  But, boy oh boy whomever decides to adopt Babe will be very lucky indeed.

This is much easier.

Maybe if I tip upside down, I can get it.

This Kong kept Babe busy while hanging out in the office.  She may be a good take-to-work kind of dog once she settles into her new home.

I really like this gal and hope someone takes her home soon.

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